Tim Bell, Tour guide and seafarers chaplain in the Port of Leith

TimBellBigIn the 1980s Tim swapped his native Northumberland for Leith, the Edinburgh harbour behind the cult hit-film of the 1990s, Trainspotting (based on Irvine Welsh's novel). He's a converted Leither - it's the sense of being in a community that really draws him to the place. One day Tim received an email from a Dutch journalist asking where the Trainspotting tour was. It didn't exist. And that's when he decided to start one.

'A lot of people saw the film but had no contact with the book, and don't even realise that the story was set in Leith. You see, the book is all about a generation that was lost to drugs in Leith in the 1980s, during Thatcher's Britain; whereas the film was shot in different locations in Scotland and the mood is party time in the 1990s....

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